Our Team


Director of Marketing & Operations

“For my honeymoon, we went to the American Rockies and I was just blown away by the experience of visiting Yellowstone.”

Commercial Director

“Be receptive to the different culture and way of life that the majority of places in North America offer.”

General Manager

“I would say seeing Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada has to be one of the best experiences ever.”

Account Manager

“If you are visiting several National Park Service locations, an annual pass could be better value for money.”

Account Manager

“The best trip I ever undertook was a mega road trip in a motorhome around the Canyonlands. It was amazing!”

Senior Operations Coordinator

“Gather as much information as possible together with all the information CNA provide you with and have fun.”

Account Manager

“The Rocky Mountaineer and British Columbia were NOTHING like I had expected them to be – it was so much better…