This is a customer review from the Moylan-Shaw, Jones party who went on a Route 66 holiday at the beginning of September 2014.

Good morning Heather,

I apologise for the late response regarding our fantastic trip.


The post-holiday blues have been and gone and life has gone back to normal, meaning back to work!

I would firstly like to thank you and the Complete North America team for your brilliant organisation, everything from the get go has been easy and stress free so thank you. Secondly I would like to say how outstandingly brilliant our whole experience including the trip was. When myself and Steve first thought about booking the Route 66 trip we didn’t really have any idea on how to start, finding Complete North America on our internet search was the best possible solution, you really did exceed all our expectations in organising and planning the whole thing. I especially appreciated the itinerary pack, on our first drive from Chicago to St Louis we decided to follow ALL of the Historic 66 signs and nine hours later finally arrived at the hotel. I can safely say that pack saved a lot of time and arguments!

The trip itself was something I could never have imagined, you have certain ideas of what America might be like (mine mostly taken from films and TV) however for the most part I could never have dreamed of what I would see it totally blew me away. By far our favourite places where Chicago, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and LA, we only wish we had more time in each of these places to really explore. However we have already said we will be returning to the US without a doubt, so expect another phone call from us in the future.

We both had an amazing time so thank you all for making it possible, myself and Steve would highly recommend you to anyone considering travelling to the US as you have been wonderful.

Many thanks again,

Sophie & Steve