This is a customer review from the Squire party who went on a Route 66 self drive at the start of July 2015.

Good Morning Alistair,


I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to you for all your help in the preparation of our trip and assistance whilst in the States. Despite not finishing the route, we had the most wonderful time, we honestly do not know where to start when someone has asked us, how was it? – It was just simply amazing. We met some wonderful people and enjoyed everything on Route, so much so we WILL go back and finish it and we will travel the Route again in a few years. It has also opened our eyes to holiday’s in the future. We usually have a 2 week beach holiday and sit and do pretty much nothing, I am not quite sure we if we are going to be able to do that in future…… We could be back to you for our next USA adventure.

So aside from the travel plans towards to the end, everything went very smoothly and we cannot thank you enough.

The itinerary we decided to take worked out very well indeed we loved everywhere we stayed and the accommodation was great.

Thank you again Alistair for all your hard work – I will pop a comment on The Complete North America web page and we will recommend you to anyone travelling to North America.

We may be back for our next one !

In the meantime if anyone would like to ask us questions about our trip then send them our way.


Kind regards

Andrea Squire