This is a customer review from the Haller party who went on the CNA Western at the start of June 2015.

Hi Alistair,


Thought I would take a few moments to thank you for making our CNA Western Fly/Drive such an enjoyable experience for which we are most grateful.

Apart from delays at Heathrow due to a technical problem with the aircraft our tour from CNA’s perspective was faultless. The transfer at San Francisco Airport was just as described on our paperwork and in no time at all we were dropped off at the Fairmont. We cannot thank you enough for swapping to this hotel for us. Being up on Nob Hill the view from our window was amazing, looking over the rooftops towards Alcatraz and the Piers.

Your suggestion to change to an SUV proved to be spot on, even though a very persuasive Alamo Agent convinced us to upgrade to the next size SUV and take out the full insurance cover which he said we may need especially if visiting the National Parks, more of that later!

I was dubious about paying for valet parking in Monterey but in reality it was a godsend letting them find somewhere to park the vehicle, I know I would not have found anywhere.

In Yosemite I was glad of the increased ride height of the upgrade SUV and full insurance especially when I took a wrong turn after viewing the Giant Redwoods and ended up driving on what can only be described as a rally stage for approximately 20 miles only to come to a dead end and drive the same 20 miles back. All the time i was recalling the Alamo guy saying if anything happened to the vehicle we would be rescued the more rocks we drove over the more I was anxious about punctures!

Vegas came and went in a shopping frenzy but as regular visitors we knew what to expect and where to go etc.

The El Tovar is an impressive building and unfortunately showing its age, where else would the air-con switch off if there is no movement in the room? Coming back to the hotel from 90* highs and the room was sweltering only to cool down slightly then the temperature would rise whilst sleeping.

Heat Hotel at Lake Havasu City was an experience all to itself. When we arrived our planned room was not ready but an alternative was, we ended up in an inferno suite with the door opening onto the promenade and so ultra-modern it made El Tovar look like a primitive dwelling.

As stated at the beginning of these observations, the care, effort and diligence provided by CNA in providing such a great experience was outstanding and makes us all the more grateful that we have booked again with you for our 2016 trip.


Looking forward to Chicago and New England,

Roger and Maureen Haller