Route 66 Facts & FAQs

Route 66 Facts & FAQs

Do I have to pay a one way drop off fee when hiring a car to drive Route 66?

Normally the answer is yes.

At Complete North America we have a limited number of cars in certain categories that we can offer without a one way drop off fee, potentially saving you up to $660.

You need to book early to secure your vehicle with no on-way fees so call us today on 0115 9610590 to secure this offer for your preferred travel dates.

What driving licence do I need to hire a car to drive Route 66?

If you are British and hold a valid photo ID card full licence or an ‘old style’ valid green full paper licence, then that is all you need when renting a car through Complete North American in the USA or Canada. You will also need a credit card in the lead driver’s name and a valid passport.

If you hold a driving licence from any other country in the world (except the USA or Canada) and it is valid for you to drive in your country of residence then again this is all you need. However, if the driving licence details are not printed in English, then you will need to obtain an International Driving Permit to hire a vehicle in North America.

How long is Route 66?

The figure used most often is 2,400 miles. This is only a rough approximation, as the road has had many different alignments through the years.

How many states does Route 66 go through?

Eight! Travelling from east to west, they are Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Is the original road still driveable?

85% of the route is still easily driveable by car.

Why is Route 66 not on ordinary maps?

It was de-commissioned as a federal highway over a period of years with the last stretch disappearing from the records in 1984.

Why was Route 66 de-commissioned?

Through the years, the federal government built a collection of high speed, interstate highways to bypass and replace old 66.

Is Route 66 well marked with road signs?

Although some organisations have posted signs here and there, they are not prevalent enough to be able to count on.

Are there still places to eat and stay on Route 66?

Yes, there are plenty of places!  When you book a Route 66 holiday with Complete North America we provide the ‘Bible’ of Route 66 for free – The EZ-66 Guide which will suggest many authentic eating locations as well as everything else you need to know about Route 66.

What is the legendary Route 66 like today?

When it was bypassed, many businesses and even entire towns closed down. The number of vehicles dwindled from thousands a day to less than 10 in some of the outlying communities. Yet, it created a microcosm of roadside America that became pickled in time. Although many of these properties have deteriorated and even been removed, others have been restored and are doing very well thanks to renewed interest in Route 66. Tourists from all over the world come to experience this unique treasure.

Can I hire a convertible car to drive Route 66?

We can offer convertible to hire to drive along Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer convertible cars from Chicago to Los Angeles, but we have a great range of cars on this route from Chicago to Los Angeles to offer you – just call on 0115 9610590 to check what we can book for you, and don’t forget we waive the one way drop off charge which is $500 plus taxes/fees (saving of over £430).

This offer is exclusive to Complete North America, but cars are limited for each departure month so book early to avoid disappointment.

If I do not wish to drive a car along Route 66 are there any other ways of experiencing this amazing holiday?

Yes you can also travel by rail, coach or motorhome to experience this fabulous part of America.

I like your itinerary but I want to amend it, add on a few additional places and change the hotels – is this possible?

Yes! We can amend any of our itineraries to meet your exact needs – maybe add in New York for a little shopping at the beginning or end, maybe add on Hawaii after Route 66 to have a little beach time after the drive – anything is possible so just speak to us and we can create your perfect holiday.

Do I have to complete the Route 66 Road Trip in 14 or 21 nights – can I not stay for longer or some length of holiday in-between?

Yes! We can tailor-make the holiday to whatever length you choose, and mix and match the hotels we have across the 3 accommodation levels to create your perfect holiday – just ask us and we can create the exact holiday of your dreams.

I want to ride Route 66 on a motorbike or a trike – can I do this?

Yes! We have a fabulous range of motorbikes and trikes for you to hire to complete the route and you can either travel independently or we can arrange for you and your group to travel as part of an escorted group – just let us know how you wish to travel and we will sort it for you.

I notice that you quote for holidays from Heathrow only  – can I not fly from other airports to America?

We work with all the airlines that service the USA and Canada and can therefore fly you on the direct services with a variety of airlines to Chicago and Los Angeles and we can add-on flights (free of charge due to our amazing airlines contracts) from a huge selection of regional airports to connect either through London or through an intermediary airport in the USA plus the is a direct service to Chicago from Manchester and Dublin which we can book for you.

What documentation do you provide for me on a self-drive Route 66 holiday?

This is a great strength of ours, our documentation for our clients is second to none – you will receive, approximately 2-3 weeks before your departure, all your essential travel vouchers e.g. flight e-ticket, car hire voucher, individual hotel vouchers with full name, contact number and address of each hotel for your reference, a Rand McNally Atlas of North America and a personalised roadbook with driving directions plus much, much more information as well as the EZ-66 Guide as mentioned above, all wrapped up in a special C.N.A. Zip Up Document wallet to keep everything tidy for your holiday – we look after you every step of the way and we have many partners in the USA to assist you 24/7 should you have any unforeseen problems along the way.

How much will the fuel cost to drive across Route 66 in a car?

Most of our travellers will drive approximately 2,500 miles to travel Route 66 either way – the first tank of fuel is included in your holiday cost, so with fuel prices and exchange rates at their current levels we estimate you will spend approximately £150 – this depends on how well you conserve your fuel of course, but this estimate is based on achieving 30mpg.

What are the speed limits along Route 66?

Speed limits vary across the route from 35 to 65mph – but most commonly 55 miles per hour which is strictly enforced in the USA by the Police using many methods including aircraft, so be careful with your speed.

We suggest taking your time, cruising along and enjoying both the views and various attractions along the way – any speeding fines will be charged to the car hire company and passed on to you.

Do you recommend Sat Nav / GPS with my car?

Although we provide you with driving directions, we definitely recommend hiring a Sat Nav system/unit with your hire car with any road trip, not only to guide you along the way (especially if you venture off the ‘standard route’), but also to estimate driving times accurately and to ensure that you can simply keep your eyes on the road instead of buried in your lap looking for the route directions – ask us for more details when you call.

We also have an enhanced GPS system called River Pilot which gives you the impression that you have a personal tour guide in the car with you to make your whole holiday even more enjoyable – this will highlight various attractions, restaurants, gas stations, towns, etc. etc. giving you the full on Route 66 experience.

I don’t want to travel until next year, when can I book?

You can secure your holiday for next year with a small deposit to fix the price and guarantee yourself a place on Route 66.

Would you travel on Route 66 by motorhome?

A motorhome is a fantastic option to traverse the country, allowing you to set your own pace, but motorhomes on this route in either direction are very limited, so book early– Complete North America have a ‘We Won’t be Beaten on Price’ Guarantee for motorhome rentals.

Has anyone at Complete North America travelled Route 66?

Yes, we have the experience of driving the entire route. We’re passionate about ‘The Mother Road’ – so why speak to anyone else about Route 66 as we have every base covered.


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