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History, architecture and nature.

Formerly a part of ‘New France’, Quebec has kept its French roots strong, and as a result the majority of the province speak the French language. This is reflected in Quebec’s unique culture which is showcased by its cuisine, way of life and architecture.
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Quebec City at dusk

With a unique culture to Canada, a Quebec fly drive offers exceptional cuisine, history and architecture.


Quebec City architecture

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Tadoussac Chapel in Quebec

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Quick facts:

Time Zone: GMT – 4.
Flight time from UK: 7 hours

Quebec has two official nicknames; The Beautiful Province and I Remember, which is a reminder of Quebec’s French culture and history. The official language for the province is French.


Quebec has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons, having warm to sometimes hot and humid summers and often very cold and snowy winters.

Best time to visit

The best times to visit Québec are from June to September and then from December to February. Summer is the most popular time to visit due to the warmer weather, however the spring and autumn sees fewer tourists so travellers can take advantage of cheaper travel. Springtime is maple syrup season, while autumn brings spectacular fall foliage.

Diverse Landscapes

Quebec has an incredible variety of landscapes: the fluvial plain between the Laurentian Mountains to the north and the Appalachian Mountains to the south; and wide swaths of forests dotted with over a million lakes and thousands of rivers.


Quebec has 22 tourist regions to choose from which each reveal, through its geography and history, a new facet of Quebec. Young lands or ancient strongholds, maritime areas or forested domains, they’ll all provide a French and reliably warm welcome.


Quebec boasts two world-class cities in Quebec City and Montreal which both offer fantastic contrasting culture, history and sightseeing. Montreal is more of a buzzing, vibrant metropolis while Quebec City is more for those looking for a relaxed vibe.