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USA, Canada & Mexico Travel Advice

The below travel advice is from the official Gov.uk feed concerning travel advice to the USA, Canada & Mexico. The feed is automatically updated and shows the latest information on behalf of the UK government:

  • USA travel advice
    Latest update: Summary - removal of information on high risk of tornados, severe storms and flooding across a number of eastern, central and southern states; you should continue to check forecasts for any weather warnings on the US National Weather Service ... Read more »
  • Mexico travel advice
    Latest update: Safety and security section (East) - update to information if travelling in the states of Tabasco and Veracruz; Health section - addition of information about air pollution ... Read more »
  • Canada travel advice
    Latest update: Summary - On 28 March 2019, Icelandic airline WOW Air announced that it has ceased operation; all its flights, including those to and from Montreal and Toronto have been cancelled; see the WOW Air travel alert for more information ... Read more »
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