yukon holidays

Yukon holidays

Mountains, untouched wilderness and unique wildlife.

Unspoilt and practically untouched, Yukon is a magnificent part of the world – bursting with dramatic peaks and stunning colour. Mountains are aplenty as are broad valleys and magnificent highways where you can take in all the beauty whilst you explore…
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Tombstone Mountain, Yukon

A Yukon fly drive leads you to experience unspoilt beauty, incredible natural sights and rare wildlife.


Boreale Ranch, Yukon

Visit an adventure lodge in the Yukon wilds and discover a memorable and unique Northern Lights experience!


Yukon holiday

Yukon motorhome holidays offer you the flexibility and the freedom to go where you want, when you want.


Quick facts:

Time Zone: GMT – 7.
Flight time from UK: 15 hours (with 1 stop)

Yukon’s official nickname is The Land of the Midnight Sun because during the Summer Solstice on June 21st, the sun never sets in some parts of Yukon. About 75% of the population of Yukon live in the capital of Whitehorse.


Winters in Yukon can be quite severe but summers can actually be quite warm, with temperatures across the province averaging at around 20C. Temperatures average above 10C for at least four months of the year.

Best time to visit

Due to the climate, the best time of the year to visit Yukon is from May – September when the weather is at its warmest. During these months the natural illumination of sunlight peaks at nearly 23 hours (June and July) and never falls below 15 hours (September).

Iconic Drives

Every road in Yukon is a scenic route which is dotted with historic communities and cultural attractions – including the legendary Top of the World, Klondike and Dempster highways. On every route, you’ll meet friendly locals ready to share a smile and a story.

Natural Beauty and Wildlife

Yukon offers spectacular natural beauty; from broad valleys to rushing rivers to endless mountain ranges. Over 80 percent of the Yukon is wilderness and its iconic national parks are home to many special northern species not common or not found in lower latitudes such as caribou and moose.

Amazing skies

Due to its northerly latitude, Yukon experiences some fantastic sky light shows such as the Midnight Sun experienced in June and the incredible Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), which can be seen across Yukon from late August to mid-April.