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Motorhome Rental FAQs

Motorhome Rental FAQs and Information

Here’s what you need to know about motorhome hire in the USA and Canada.
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To complete your motorhome holiday arrangements we are able to offer a full range of flight options to get you to your destination. With access to a wide variety of hotel accommodation to suit every taste and budget we can also include hotel stays – don’t forget that you will need to spend at least one night in North America prior to collecting your motorhome, so why not take the opportunity to explore a little before hitting the road?

We’ll create a hassle-free motorhome holiday for you with the added security of having your holiday protected by our ATOL bond. Please contact us on 01159610590 for more information.


Who can drive?
The main driver must have held a driver’s licence for at least 1 year. The minimum age for rental of a motorhome is generally 21 years but for some RV motorhomes it can be 25 years. Please contact us for specific information relevant to your rental. Additional drivers must also meet these requirements and will need to present their licence and sign the rental agreement to be eligible to drive. The lead driver will need a credit card in their name for the security deposit.

Do I need an International Driver’s Permit?
If your driving licence is not displayed in English an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is required alongside your driver’s licence from your country of residence.

Do I need a special licence to drive a motorhome?
You do not need a special licence to drive an RV or motorhome up to 39 feet in length. A standard car licence will be sufficient.


Can I collect a vehicle on any day of the week?
Most rental depots are open Monday to Friday or Saturday although a limited number do operate limited hours on Sunday. There may be an additional cost for collecting a vehicle on a Sunday. Rental depots are closed on public holidays.

When can I collect my motorhome?
Collections are generally in the afternoon after 1pm. You will need to call ahead to the depot to arrange a specific collection time the day prior to collection. Some rental companies offer a morning collection – this must be booked at the time of making your reservation and there may be an additional cost for this. You are not permitted to collect your vehicle the same day as you arrive in the USA or Canada – you will need to spend your first night in a hotel.

How long will it take to collect my motorhome?
We suggest that you allow a couple of hours for the collection procedures including signing the rental agreement and familiarisation with your vehicle. You may wish to plan to overnight relatively close to your collection depot as you may also need to purchase groceries on your first day.


When can I return my motorhome?
Returns are generally in the morning before 11am. Some rental companies offer an afternoon return – this must be booked at the time of making your reservation and there may be an additional cost for this. You may wish to plan to overnight relatively close to your return depot to avoid a long drive on the final morning of your rental. Most rental depots are open Monday to Friday or Saturday although a limited number do operate limited hours on Sunday. There may be an additional cost for returning a vehicle on a Sunday. Rental depots are closed on public holidays.

Do I have to return the motorhome to the same depot I collected from?
No, you can return the vehicle to a different depot. All one-way rentals must be arranged and booked in advance and are on a request basis. A One-Way Drop Fee may apply.


Is Insurance included with my rental?
Yes, we include insurance with your rental. An excess may apply and a security deposit will be required by credit card upon collecting your RV. The exact cover varies between our different rental partners. Full details of the insurance cover will be detailed in your travel proposal and/or confirmation.


Can I overnight anywhere?
No, you will need to be in a designated rest area or campground. Under US law you are not permitted to spend the night at the side of the road.

Do I need to pre-book my campgrounds?
If you are planning to travel during peak months of over US or Canadian holiday weekends it is advisable to pre-book your campsites. If you wish to stay at a campsite within a National Park you will need to pre-book this. Reservations often open several months in advance and can sell out very quickly. Visit the relevant national park website for more information.

What type of site do I need?
This depends on the size of your vehicle and your personal preference. You may have the choice of a ‘Pull-Through’ site which is recommended as you can drive in one end and out of the other without the need to reverse. You may also have the choice of electrical, water and waste hook-ups.


Can I take my vehicle anywhere?
In general there are restrictions about taking a motorhome into desert areas such as Death Valley during the warmer months (usually May to October). There are restrictions about driving on unpaved roads and on some highways in Northern Canada. It is also not permitted to take a motorhome on to Manhattan Island, New York. Other restrictions may apply. We will send you details of the restrictions that apply to your rental with your travel proposal and/or confirmation. If you have any questions about driving restrictions please do contact us.

Can I cross the US/Canada border in my motorhome?
Most rental companies will allow you to cross the US/Canadian border although charges may apply and it can affect your breakdown cover. One way rentals between the USA and Canada or vice versa are not permitted. Please enquire for further details if you are planning to visit both countries with you motorhome.

Can I take my motorhome into Mexico?
Some motorhome companies will allow you to take their vehicles into Mexico and others will not. Additional insurance may be required. If you are planning to take your vehicle to Mexico please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Can I rent infant/child seats?
Some of our rental partners do provide rental of child and/or infant seats. Please enquire for more information

Can I rent bicycles?
Most of our rental partners do not rent bicycles. You can often find bicycles available to rent form campgrounds and in/around national parks.

Can I rent outdoor chairs?
Some of our rental partners do offer rental of outdoor chairs; if none are offered you can usually pick reasonably priced outdoor chairs up in the nearest major supermarket.

Will my motorhome have an awning?
Some of the vehicles we offer do have an awning but not all. Please check the vehicle specification page for confirmation.

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