This is a customer review from the Ramsay party who went on a west coast fly drive at the beginning August 2015

Dear Alistair,


I’m now back in Baghdad and California already seems a long way away again (apart from the temperature). I just wanted to drop a line to thank you on behalf of our family for the arrangements you made that ensured we had a great holiday. Everything worked perfectly, from flights to car hire to hotel reservations in all the locations. There was a lot of driving, but we saw so many different places from the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley to the totally artificial environment of Las Vegas. There was something for all of us, which is an achievement given the age range.

By way of constructive feedback a couple of points:

– The route did cover a lot of distance, almost exactly 2,500 miles. I wouldn’t have wanted to cut anything out, but think our itinerary would have been better over three rather than two weeks. This would have given us a little bit longer in some of the main venues – Las Vegas and Grand Canyon for example. I would certainly encourage others to follow the route but take more time so they could really spend time enjoying the wonderful sights.

– Of the hotels, the Omni in San Francisco was by far the best and very comfortable for what was our longest stop; also well placed for getting to the main sites. Thanks for finding that one. The Tropicana in Las Vegas had very good rooms, but the resort itself lacked the atmosphere that some of the others we went into had. As we spent most of our time out and about it wasn’t an issue and the monorail helped save on the legs! You told me there were limited options in Kayenta, but the Wetherill Inn was fine, a typical US motel, just like they feature in films. We all enjoyed it. I’m glad we took up your suggestion of staying within the Grand Canyon Park, Yavapai Lodge worked well and meant we could just walk out of our rooms and up to the Canyon. We were able to stay away from the car for an extended period and maximise our time walking along the ridge.

This was a special holiday for our family and thanks to the arrangements you put in place, it meant it was very much stress free. We have lots of happy memories and literally thousands of photos between us to sift through. Don’t be surprised if we come back to your company for our next US holiday – once we have saved up some more money!! Once again, thank you!


Kind Regards